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Seniors' Dreams | Dreams can come true

Welcome To Seniors' Dreams - Where there is a dream there is hope

and as long as there is hope, there is joy in life.


Every dollar we receive helps Peterborough’s seniors get involved in the activities they enjoy! Help a senior today!

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Dinner out? Boat cruise? A modest dream is just a click away!

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Our Services


Handi Bus, Assistive Devices

Transportation is a real challenge for some seniors, who often rely on family and friends to get around town. Our corporation offers low-cost, wheel-chair accessible rides to Peterborough’s seniors, whether you’re going shopping or to an appointment. We have a registered Personal Support Worker (PSW) available for accompaniment for a small fee. To help increase seniors’ mobility, we have an affordable rental system for seniors to access assistive devices such as canes, wheelchairs, and scooters. Rentals are for as long as a senior needs the item.


Modest Dreams

We provide local, modest dreams to low-income seniors (65+) who lack family and friend supports in Peterborough. We’ve provided dreams such as a dinner out, local boat cruise, and a salon haircut.  We are able to provide wheel-chair accessible transportation to and from the modest dream. Seniors can self-refer or be referred by someone they know.

About Us

Our mission is to help Peterborough’s low income seniors (65+) participate in local activities that increase inclusiveness and decrease senior isolation.   Our corporation covers the cost of a senior’s desired activity and encourages them to dream, to be active citizens and continue to make memories. The activities include dining out at a local restaurant, a pedicure, shopping for new clothing, and a trip to a local sports event.

We recognize that transportation is a barrier for many seniors in participating in the community. Our corporation helps low income seniors obtain assistance devices (ex. wheelchair, walker) at a reduced cost and arrange accessible transportation to and from the activity.

Mark Twyman founded Seniors Dreams in Peterborough, Ontario in 2010. Mark was inspired to start Seniors Dreams when many of his parents goals were not reached before their sudden passing. As a personal support worker, Mark meets seniors who seldom have a visitor or have minimal funds to continue participating in the activities they once loved. He envisioned a charity that would give back to the very people who helped create the community he lived in. With the collaboration of a board of directors and volunteers, Seniors Dreams has grown from one community member’s dream into a reality.

Please contact:
Mark Twyman, Founder