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Seniors' Dreams | Rita Giardino Educates Community About Seniors Dreams

Rita Giardino Educates Community About Seniors Dreams

Rita Giardino Educates Community About Seniors Dreams

Posted by admin in News 15 Oct 2013

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Friends, family and fellow residents of Applewood Manor Retirement Residence are a little more knowledgeable about Seniors Dreams, courtesy of one woman, who is getting around more easily with her “new-to-her” electric wheelchair.

Rita Giardino had never heard of Seniors Dreams, until a friend approached her with a possible solution to her mobility challenges.

“She told me that this organization helps seniors in the community to achieve their dreams,” says Rita. “She thought they might be able to help me with a wheelchair that would maneuver better; one that I could use on my own.”

After going through the “dreaming” process, including making a very generous donation to the organization, Rita acquired a previously-owned electric wheelchair. Because the chair had not been built for her, she arranged for some fairly extensive alterations, at her own expense. Now complete, the chair fits her nicely and she is enjoying renewed mobility.

“But I want people to know that I did not ‘win’ this chair,” says Rita, with passion. “I did not go looking for it, and, although I was never asked to, I did make a donation. I certainly do not feel I got it for free. People need to understand the process I went through.”

Seniors Dreams is still a fledgling organization, having become a non-profit in December of 2010. Their goal now is to inform the community about their existence and the support they may offer seniors in the Peterborough community.

Rita has become an unwitting ambassador, educating people who are admiring her chair about how she had her dream realized.

”I would definitely recommend Seniors Dreams,” she says.

“I am very comfortable now in my chair; it definitely makes a difference. But it’s important to understand the process.


Donations are always welcome, and may be made online. For information and application forms, contact Cheryl Edwards at, or call 705-772-7776.